Yes, we are hardworking law enforcement professionals who that love our jobs and care deeply about serving the Berkeley community.  We are a diverse collection of personalities with our own unique stories. Learn more about our team and start your police officer career.


Berkeley born, Berkeley raised. Chief Greenwood is invested in our community and passionate about the men and women who serve at Berkeley PD. Hear his vision for law enforcement and plan on how to make Berkeley a safer and stronger city.


Jump in the cruiser and spend some time with the Berkeley PD team.  Watch these exceptional police officers on the job and learn how they are changing law enforcement. Do you have what it takes to become a police officer and join the Berkeley Police Department?

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To be successful at Berkeley PD, you have to be sound in both body and mind.  We invest in the health and wellness of our officers to ensure the safety of the people who work here, and the people we protect.  Watch here and learn why fitness is top priority at Berkeley PD.


Living and working in Berkeley means experiencing life and following your passions. Becoming a police officer means celebrating all that makes you, you. Get to know us and see what we love to do when we’re off the clock.